Harv Prentiss

Turning Ideas Into 0's and 1's

Allow Mylself To Introduce ... Myself

My full name is Harold Charles Prentiss III. I go by Harold, Harry, or Harv the choice is yours. I am a software developer who wants to work on exciting projects that will test my abilities. I like projects that require both down and dirty coding as well as some creativity. Both the left and right sides of my brain enjoy a good workout.

I have been perfecting my coding craft since my junior year of high school which makes about 10 years of practice. I am always expanding my knowledge on both the coding and design fronts. It has taken quite some time for my design skill to gain ground on my coding, but it is getting there. One day I will have them in balance.

What I'm Currently Up To

I am currently working at T3 Group as an Application Developer.

I'm learning Angular 2 and React.js on the side. I pick out little pet projects to work on from time to time. I want to get into machine learning, but I need to find a good place to start.

Updated: 1/25/17